D&D: Just a game?

Dungeons & Dragons is your doorway into the world of fantasy roleplaying, where you interact with the world and the world reacts to you.

It’s not just a game. D&D is also a community where gamers, artists and creators who live as heroes (or villains), fight monsters and change the world.

Be Someone You’ve Always Wanted To Be – Be A Part Of The Story!

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D&D Weekends: The Conventions

One weekend every month, a dungeon in Bombay fills up with warriors, mercenaries, magicians, bards, artists and others looking for adventure. 

In shadowed corners, over noisy tables and good food, dragonborn, dwarves, tieflings, elves and other races you always dreamed of meeting, choose a dungeon master to guide them through the perils of the the Forgotten Realms… and other worlds that spark your imagination.

Grab this once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore new geographical mileus, learn sacred and forgotten arts, dabble with wondrous magic, match wits with legends of the land and lay waste to your enemies!

Walk into Our Dungeon

Jack Dice:  India’s First D&D Podcast

Listen-in as we zig-zag through gameplays, weird trivia, personal anecdotes, Panic Not! campaigns and loads more.

Join DM Sam and his melange of guests in our weekly podcast, as we get up close personal with the quirks and creative yield of this all-encompassing RPG.