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About Us

PanicNot! is India’s first and largest TTRPG creator collective consisting of artists, performers, academics, and storytellers across India (and some other parts of the world). Since 2018, PanicNot! has been an active organizer of in-person community experiences that draw upon a myriad of artistic expressions and sensibilities. This includes not only table-top games but also improvisational performances, musical showcases, as well as conducting artistic and technical workshops.

The collective began with face-to-face community conventions in Mumbai on a monthly and weekly basis (“PanicNot! Conventions” and “D&D Weekends”). These not-for-profit gatherings grew into brand partnerships (“Levi’s Lounge”, “Doolally Taproom”, “Above the Habitat”, and “Moonshine Meadery”) that allowed us to better serve our community, develop a limited-series podcast (“Jack Dice”) and produce live game performances (“D&D Weekends Live”). In our first 18-months, we helped introduce table-top gaming and storytelling to a wider Indian audience as well as to creators and artists who have now joined the collective to further its potential.

However, since the pandemic, we have adapted to the “new normal” and leveraged digital channels such as Discord so we can continue to engage with our community. 

As a result of this shift, PanicNot! has: 

PanicNot!’s unending goal is to disrupt traditional Indian thinking by making the pursuit of artistic passions a viable career opportunity. We hope to achieve this by amplifying new and authentic voices, producing culturally diverse content across mediums, and structuring equitable business deals – so that pursuing your passion doesn’t come at the cost of your livelihood.

Our belief in artistic idealism is complemented by business pragmatism. We are driven towards empowering and fostering talented creators with financially viable opportunities while also delivering world-class, inclusive, and universally relatable storytelling for global audiences. 

Our most recent endeavour in this journey is to launch of India’s first TTRPG periodical – Maze Magazine.

Learn more about it here.